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About the owner

About the owner


My name is Tahjae Austin, I’m 28 years young. I suffered from acne all of my teen years until I was 21. I would be in the kitchen often whipping up concoctions and acne home remedies. I just couldn’t seem to find the right ingredients for my skin, but wanted to understand how the skin functions.So one day I heard an ad on the radio for esthetics school. Moments later, I called the number and got enrolled into esthetics school. I learned how the skin functions and how to take care of it. I later graduated with my license in esthetics in 2016 with over 6 years of experience and working in the spa industry. 


In my heart deep down inside my desire was to actually create a skin care line that would make people feel beautiful and confident inside and out. I decided to then get my certification as an organic skin care formulator where I learned to create my own products so I know exactly what’s going in them. For 4 years I worked on and off on this project. Why did it take so long? Life threw many curve balls as during that time frame I was dealing with a toxic relationship, depression, hurt, and borderline suicide, and sickness.


I sought out healing and began going to Tao healing center where I learned about Chakra healing, and energy in 2017. I want to help people and have a heart for helping others but I myself was empty. I couldn’t pour from an empty cup. This experience changed my entire perspective on life, the health world, the beauty industry and most importantly skin care.


I went vegan in 2018.I began meditating more, getting more in tune with self healing, Chakra and crystal healing, Herbal detoxes and womb detoxes. . Then one day I was working on my skin care line, brain storming ideas. I started to get frustrated and completely stopped and said I will meditate on it. I ran a bath, added oils and herbs and cut on Chakra healing music. Then suddenly loud and clear 5 minutes into meditation I heard “Holistic Vibrations”. I opened my eyes wide, jumped out of the tub and shouted that’s it! Holistic Vibrations was it. Holistic Vibrations represents mind, body, spirit. When the body is not in tune it shows on the skin, when the mind is not in tune or the spirit, it shows on the skin and physical ailments manifest. Holistic Vibrations was registered, trademarked and established in 2018. I started taking courses to learn how to create formulas for herbal and crystal infused oils, salves, scrubs, and bath bombs for the skin. I took on womb healing classes, reiki training and now certified in herbalism as of 2021. I took these skill sets and incorporated them into my business. Each product is Reiki, crystal and herb infused and customized to not only heal the skin but to stimulate and open Chakras and heal and calm the mind and body. I began creating my own herbal detox teas and assisting in womb healing and Whole-listic healing to complete the FULL (WHOLE)LISTIC experience with the mind, body, and spirit, cleansing  the body inside out. 


 And there i had it. Holistic Vibrations. I always knew I was a healer and my mission is to present a more healthier and Whole-listic lifestyle for people to choose from with skin, the mind, body and spirit. Bridging the gap between mind, body, and spirit will restore positive mental health. 🙏🏽

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