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Tahjae Austin

Coronavirus, Herbalism and the Body Systems

Coronavirus, Herbalism and the Body Systems

I.R.I.E Herbal Certification Course Essay
Tahjae Austin

What is Coronavirus?
Coronavirus is predominantly a respiratory virus or respiratory tract infection that affects the sinuses, nose, and throat(upper respiratory ) or windpipe and lungs (lower respiratory) It also affects other organs as well and allegedly spreads through person to person contact. There are seven types of coronaviruses that range from mild to severe. Symptoms include : Fever, coughing, shortness of breath, trouble breathing, fatigue, chills, body aches , Headache, sore throat, congestion/runny nose, loss of smell or taste, nausea, and diarrhea. It can lead to pneumonia, respiratory failure, heart problems, liver problems, septic shock/death. It is said

that complications can be caused by cytokine release syndrome which triggers the immune system to flood the blood stream with inflammatory proteins (cytokines). It kills tissue and damages the organs. (Nazario, Brunilda,
Corona and the Circulatory System
The circulatory system is responsible for circulating blood and lymph through the body. It consists of the heart, blood vessels, blood lymph, and lymphatic glands and vessels. With corona affecting the upper and lower respiratory tract, this in terms can prevent oxygen from properly circulating to the heart and lungs. The heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body to reach the tissues/organs. If there is lack of proper blood flow this can cause blood clotting which affects the brain, heart and king circulation,and cause muscle damage and heart failure and is most likely caused by high levels of inflammation. It can also cause vascular inflammation, heart attacks or strokes. People who most likely have contracted the virus already have insufficient circulation of the blood or waste not being properly drained.

Corona and lymphatic system
The lymphatic system is a series of vessels whose job is to return inter- and intra cellular fluid back to the bloodstream which is also connected to the circulatory system. It is responsible for transporting fluids and proteins back into the bloodstream, fighting off pathogens and serving as a pathway for absorption of fats from the small intestines into the bloodstream, thus also connecting it to the digestive system. As stated, the immune system is triggered to flood the bloodstream with inflammatory proteins by cytokine release syndrome when affected by Corona. This leads to improper drainage and possibly swollen lymph nodes which in turn can cause other organs of the body and body systems to shut down. If the lymphatic system isn’t working properly this affects the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. Also because the tonsils are apart of the lymphatic system as well as being somewhat connected to the respiratory system, Corona tends to affect the tonsils.
The nervous system coordinates one’s actions and sensory information by transmitting signals to and from different parts of the body. It controls everything one does, breathing, walking, thinking, and is affected by Corona in the sense of affecting brain function in people.

Specific neurological symptoms can be loss of smell, inability to taste, muscle weakness, tingling or numbness in hands and feet, dizziness, confusion, delirium, seizures, and stroke.

The muscular system is an organ system made up of skeletal, and cardiac muscles. It allows movement of the body, maintains posture and circulates blood. The muscular system is also controlled through the nervous system. Prolonged illness can cause a lot of bed rest/immobilization which in turn weakens the muscles or the inflammation caused by Covid can lead to inflammatory reactive arthritis muscle fibrosis.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. If all the other systems of the body aren’t properly functioning, this shows up through the skin. With that being said Corona affects all the other body systems, it causes rashes on the skin.

Herbalism and Corona
Traditional medicine had been used since the beginning of time aiding in healing the body of sickness and Dis-ease/viruses etc without the intervention of western medicine. With Corona affecting the different body systems not only can you assist in healing the body through herbs but through using the Doctrine of Signatures from TCM to Ayurvedic, to African. There has just been a study showing that TCM treating Corona has been successful. ( l-medicine-covid-19-successful-2022-01-17/). Using Traditional medicine daily not just to heal but also as preventative treatment, which can also provide one with minerals that the body needs to stay healthy , allows the human body to easily fight off a virus. Viruses essentially are not alive until they are able to find a host to replicate itself in the host and evolve over time by being past from one host to another entering from one cell to another. . They are essentially different from actual living organisms, which makes them obligate intracellular parasites. If Herbalism is practiced daily and keeps the body in a healthy oxygenated state, viruses then wouldn’t be able to affect the human body as much as it is today. Even keeping the earth essentially clean for animals as viruses can replicate themselves in an animal who potentially not be able to fight off the virus, passing it to the next host and causing it to spread from animals to humans. Viruses may have essentially started off harmless but over time adopted a more parasitic approfondie replication. Practicing herbalism and taking care of the human body essentially can prevent the rapid spread of a virus or assist in easily fighting it off.

Herbal Teas, tinctures , supplements , salves/balms can be made to assist in healing one who contracts the virus using Respiratory stimulants like cowslip , respiratory relaxants like Aniseed, or coltsfoot. For the ears, nose, throat, eyes, herbs like Bonset, Elderflower, wild indigo, and
Blue Flag and Yarrow. Herbs that can be blended to assist in healing the lymphatic system along with Herbs for the respiratory system are cleavers and poke root. Since the lymphatic system is also connected to the digestive system through the smaller intestines to break down food and absorb fats to transport nutrients into the bloodstream, Herbs that can also contribute are stimulants and sialogogues which aid in proper digestion which include : Barberry, Wormwood, cayenne, and ginger and Turkey Rhubarb Root. Everything naturally starts in the gut. If the digestive system isn’t properly working, this directly affects the lymphatic system; this causes improper circulation affecting the circulatory system and respiratory system.
All the body systems are connected thus one should treat and prevent each body system using natural herbs that will essentially keep the body in an oxygenated state where it’s challenging for bacteria to exist.

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